OPTIMA RESIDENT- Pre-Order Thanksgiving Pie

OPTIMA RESIDENT- Pre-Order Thanksgiving Pie


Pie Pick Ups are in the Resident Club on Wednesday evening, November 27th

  • Cherry: Tart Cherries Simmered with Vanilla Bean, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon and a kiss of Bourbon.

  • Pear: Chai Tea, Warm Spices, and House Dulce De Leche.

  • Apple: Red and Green Apples with Browned Butter, Vanilla Bean, Warm Spices and Cinnamon Rolls baked on top.

  • Black Bottom Oatmeal: Espresso infused Chocolate Ganache with Oat Topping and Chocolate Leaves.

  • Silky Pumpkin: Infused with Bourbon, Vanilla and Maple. Decorated with Vanilla Bean. Chantilly Whipped Cream and Whole Spices.

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